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Call for "Maintenance and regeneration of the territory as an opportunity for their ecological transformation"

Dear everyone,

it is open the Call for sending abstract or paper for the 59th Congress of the European Regional Science Association - ERSA, Lyon (France), August 27 - 30, 2019, where there is the Special Session I proposed entitled "Maintenance and regeneration of the territory and the city as an opportunity for their ecological transformation".

It represents a further step in the study, started since 1987, of the relationship between modality of anthropization and innovation.

Another phase later the special session "Ecological Resilience and Care of the Common House to Build the Landscape of Contemporaneity and Future Scenarios of Territories and Cities" organized together with Peter Nijikamp, at the ERSA Congress 2018 “Places for people: Innovative, Inclusive and Liveable regions” held in Cork, Ireland.

Details of the session are at the link

General information about the Congress and how to send abstracts or papers are at the link

Deadline for abstract or paper is March 8th, 2019.

Magazines of the various national sections of ERSA publish, after review, the papers they receive.

The link to refer is

In Italy there is also EyesReg which is an on-line magazine, with ISSN, of the AISRe (the Italian Section of the European Regional Science Association) and you can see the other possibilities of publication in "Publications" on the website

The presented papers are published on the ERSA website.

It is important to underline that there is an increasing presence of PhD students and PhDs, researchers, also Italian, who take part in ERSA conferences.

For more information contact

Thanks for your attention

Best regards.

Stefano Aragona

Eng., Ph.D., Researcher in Urban Planning

Master of Science in the Economy & Policy Planning

Department of Heritage, Architecture, Urban Planning

University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria

Salita Melissari

89124 Reggio Calabria - Italy

Tel. +39 0965.1696402

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